One Platform.
Different Solutions.

We build Cyber Resilience by fortifying all human layers of your organization through continuous training and assessment thus mitigating the risk of a detrimental cyberattack.

Use cases to build up cyber resilience

Professional Team Training​

From entry level skill and capacity building to enterprise SOC Team and Executive Management training, we increase organizational cyber resilience by continuous training and assessment.

Cympire offers hundreds of training hours for professional red and blue teams. For the managers we provide actionable data to understand team professional posture.


Advance your career and gain practical experience with our learning paths.

We conform to the industry’s most adopted and widely accepted frameworks and guide you through our programs to take your career to the next stage.


Hiring and talent acquisition teams are overwhelmed trying to fill cybersecurity open positions. Our assessment module allows you to assess professional experience and build superior skills without spending valuable time on written tests or frontal interviews.

Cloud-Native Cyber Range as a Service

We built the most advanced and customizable cloud-native Cyber Range for your staging and testing needs as well as customized training.

Our unique patent pending “Cyber Studio” allows you to Replicate or build security networks and architecture, integrate cyber defensive tools and orchestrate cyberattacks using a unique intuitive Drag and Drop visual GUI that automatically sets up and launches your range in a cloud environment.

Secure Development Training

Developers are often the first line of defense. Train your developers in CI/CD, Shift Left and secure coding methodology using our platform. 

Executive Management Training

Cympire cyber crisis management training module provides a unique opportunity for decision making executives to understand the fundamentals of cyber resilience, familiarize themselves with the different aspects of a cyber crisis, and most importantly, to experience firsthand a cyber crisis incident on the organizational level. 

Security Awareness Training

Simple to deploy, easy to customize, effective and innovative cyber awareness simulator to boost security awareness within your organization and reduce the risk of phishing attacks and social engineering.

Increasing the cybersecurity knowledge and skills of cyber professionals is the key to a safer organization.