Cyber Resilience for Universities and Schools

Allow students to gain practical, hands-on experience and confront real cyberattacks before they enter the workforce.

Our platform complements the learning path with immersive, practical expertise and knowledge.

Ideally suited for IT, cybersecurity and secure coding training, the platform provides students at all levels invaluable practical experience in addition to the traditional academic framework.

For academic institutions the platform provides the perfect tool to customize and create training content easily and innovatively, and track performance and progress over time for countless numbers of students in different disciplines and classes.

The platform can be utilized in instructor-led classes as well as accessed remotely, self-serve on-demand by the students after university hours.


Give your students invaluable hands-on experience.

Build student excitement and satisfaction with engaging gamification.

Maintain a personal record for each student with achievements and lessons learned.

Build a practical training syllabus perfectly tailored to your syllabus.

Ascertain a clear picture of each student’s level in every cyber topic.

Gain a unique competitive advantage over other cyber academies.